*** The 1st book in the explosive bestselling technothriller series ***

The secret of the manuscript is only the beginning . . . the truth could cost her life.

Though her specialty is Roman collections at the British Museum in London, history expert turned government agent Calla Cress finds herself thrown into a bizarre international case.  A code is written in an unbreakable script on an ancient manuscript whose origin is as debatable as the origin of life.  Could its decryption lead to a global cyber war?

When the highly guarded document goes missing from a Berlin museum and ends up in her personal belongings with a long-hidden secret concerning her parents, Calla is backed into a corner. Forced on a run halfway across the world, Calla is pursued from the underground scene of espionage intelligence into a desperate hunt for truth and survival. Soon she discovers that she's made of tougher stuff than she ever imagined. Her only allies are few but resourceful. 

There’sNash Shields, a handsome yet mysterious National Security Agency (NSA) intelligence analyst.  Jack Kleve, a witty technology entrepreneur.

The trio is thrown into a sophisticated conspiracy spanning continents and dating back several centuries. The secret of the manuscript is only the beginning . . . The truth could cost them their lives.

THE DECRYPTER: SECRET OF THE LOST MANUSCRIPT is a fast-paced, provocative, action-
adventure t
echno thriller steeped in history that poses a question - what if the future of cyber technology had more to do with the past?

"Takes you on a ride and refuses to let you off until you reach the very end." 

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