Where technology and espionage meet history in pulse-racing adventure...

She’s a museum curator, a doubter,
and a skeptic. It all changed when the British government asked her to decrypt a code written in an unbreakable script on an ancient manuscript whose origin was as debatable as the origin of life.  Then there was the issue of her long-lost parents.  Using her knack for history and technology, she bands with two faithful friends and is thrown into a dangerous journey of cyber espionage investigating the criminal, the unexplained, the scientific and the downright unthinkable.

The Calla Cress Technothrillers are fast-paced action-adventures, 
steeped in history, espionage and cyber defense in a world that is becoming more and more digitally dependent.  Get ready for page-turning action, and cliff-hanging suspense.  
The books can be enjoyed individually, or in order: