"Page-turning action, and cliff hanging suspense. A thought-provoking dramatic picture of a possible cyber melt-down and tech out of control."

The Calla Cress Decrypter Technothrillers are fast-paced, action-adventures,steeped in history, espionage and cyber defense in a world that is ever more digitally dependent. The series explores a world where technology and science are at the forefront of humanity.
Book 1: The Decrypter: Secret of the Lost Manuscript
Lost. Hunted. Conspiracy. 

Can a museum curator with a brain wired to decrypt riddles, ancient or cyber, break a code embedded in a mysterious artifact? Why will five governments do anything to protect it?
Though her specialty is Roman collections at the British Museum in London, history expert turned government agent Calla Cress finds herself thrown into a bizarre international case. A code is written in an unbreakable script on an ancient manuscript whose origin is as debatable as the origin of life. Could its decryption lead to a global cyber war? 

Book 2: The Decrypter and the Mind Hacker
A cyber crime will rewrite history. . .only she can stop it.
Calla Cress took down the world's most dangerous man. She made one mistake. She let him live. Now, a billionaire behind bars, once the secret service's most brilliant code breaker, is luring the world's smartest minds into his prison cell. They leave in a coma and seconds later a lethal hack snakes through one government system after another.
With only a handful of clues left in a mysterious sixteenth-century anagram encrypted with a sequence of codes, Calla, NSA security advisor, Nash Shields and tech entrepreneur Jack Kleve are thrust in a dangerous race across the globe. 

Book 3: The Decrypter: Digital Eyes Only
An unborn child on a hit list. A centuries-old, darknet organization willing to pay.
conspiracyhidden in a billionaires' virtual reality game.

A hi-tech encrypted device, with a list of codes detailing far-future technology 
secrets  goes missing from the NSA's vault of secrets. When the British prime minister's private accounts are hacked, museum curator-turned-cyber-defense agent Calla Cress is called on to decrypt a mysterious cipher left in the prime minister's home. Soon a series of encrypted ciphers surfaces on a dark net site, the Vault, whose inception is steeped in the mysterious history of the Maltese Knights. Calla has no idea how far the quest will plunge her and NSA agent, Nash Shields, into the past, and how much preventing a cyber war will hold the world ransom at a price much higher than she's willing to pay. 
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Calla Cress Thrillers Box Set

Book 1: The Decrypter: Secret Of The Lost Manuscript 
Book 2: The Decrypter And The Mind Hacker

Book 3:  The Decrypter: Digital Eyes Only