Hello Awesome Reader!

I am here to entertain you with suspense stories I love to read. When I sit to write, I think about how I can make your day entertaining. How I can help you escape into a world of “what ifs?”.  If I can take you into a world of thrills, suspense, conspiracies,  spell-binding characters, and cool tech gadgets with stops in international locations near and far, then my work is done.

It’s important to me that you find the right read for you and if you don’t see it within my list of books, then I will do my best to make the best recommendations.

So, I’m Rose, and the first book I published was back in 2011. I haven’t looked back since. I live in London, England a twenty-minute bike ride from Buckingham Palace.  I’m married to a gorgeous man and have two energetic kids who keep me inspired for pursuing my dreams and goals every day. I am also the author many thrillers you can find here: Rose Sandy books. You can find more of my work there.